LEB Professional Diploma in Business Administration Leading to MBA

Embark on a transformative journey in business leadership with the LEB Professional Diploma in Business Administration, culminating in an MBA from the University of Gloucestershire. This rigorous program is designed to equip aspiring professionals with essential managerial skills and strategic insights necessary to excel in today's competitive business landscape.



Complete both the professional diploma and MBA in just 12 months.


Gain comprehensive knowledge across core business disciplines, including management, finance, marketing, and operations.


Designed for busy professionals, offering flexible learning options and robust support.

Expert Faculty

Learn from experienced industry professionals and academics renowned for their expertise.

Why Choose LEB and University of Gloucestershire?

Prepare to lead with confidence and competence. Join us on the path to excellence in business administration and management. Learn more about how the LEB Professional Diploma can accelerate your career and academic aspirations today.

LEB Professional Diploma in Business Administration -
Programme Structure

The LEB Professional Diploma in Business Administration is designed to provide a comprehensive foundation in key business disciplines, preparing you for advanced managerial roles. The program covers the following modules, each aimed at developing specific skills and knowledge essential for business leadership:

Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Assessment:Business Plan

Managing Business Strategy

Assessment: Strategic Plan

Managing Human Capital

Assessment:HCM Planning Strategy

Marketing Management

Assessment: Marketing Strategy Plan

Managing Operations

Assessment: Strategic Operations Management Plan

Leading Organisation

Assessment: Management Report

Financial Management

Assessment: Financial Task Analysis

Project Management

Assessment: Project Plan

Each module focuses on practical applications and real-world scenarios to ensure you gain hands-on experience and insights into managing various business functions effectively. The assessments are designed to help you develop strategic thinking and problem-solving skills, crucial for any business leader.

Duration: The entire diploma program, along with the subsequent MBA at the University of Gloucestershire, can be completed in just 12 months.

MBA at University of Gloucestershire - Assessment Components

The MBA program at the University of Gloucestershire is designed to provide a deep and thorough understanding of business administration through rigorous academic and practical assessments. The components of the assessments are as follows:

These assessments are structured to evaluate your ability to conduct independent research, apply theoretical knowledge to practical scenarios, and reflect critically on your learning experiences. Completing these components will ensure you have the skills and expertise required for senior management and leadership roles in the business world.

Unlock Global Opportunities with a UK MBA

Earning an MBA from a UK institution, such as the University of Gloucestershire, through a program conducted in Malaysia, can significantly enhance your career and professional development. Here are some of the key benefits:

Choosing to pursue an MBA through a program conducted in Malaysia with graduation in the UK can be a transformative experience, equipping you with the knowledge, skills, and network needed to excel in the global business arena.

Job Prospects for LEB Professional Diploma in Business Administration Leading to MBA Graduates

Graduating with a UK MBA from the University of Gloucestershire through a program conducted in Malaysia opens up a world of career opportunities. This program attracts industry professionals and international students, providing a diverse and enriching learning environment that enhances employability in various sectors. Here are some promising job prospects for graduates:

Senior Management Roles

Positions: Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Operating Officer (COO), General Manager
Industries: Corporate, Non-Profit, Government, Manufacturing, Retail
Description: Graduates can lead organizations, drive strategic initiatives, and manage large teams, leveraging their comprehensive business knowledge and leadership skills.

Marketing and Sales Leadership

Positions: Marketing Director, Sales Manager, Brand Manager, Business Development Manager
Industries: FMCG, Technology, Healthcare, Financial Services
Description: With a strong foundation in marketing management, graduates can develop and implement effective marketing strategies, manage brand portfolios, and drive business growth through innovative sales techniques.

Finance and Accounting

Positions: Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Financial Analyst, Corporate Treasurer, Investment Banker
Industries: Banking, Investment, Corporate Finance, Consulting
Description: Equipped with advanced financial management skills, graduates can oversee financial operations, conduct financial analysis, and provide strategic financial planning and advice.

Human Resources and Organizational Development

Positions: HR Director, Talent Acquisition Manager, Organizational Development Consultant
Industries: Corporate, Education, Government, Healthcare
Description: Specializing in managing human capital, graduates can develop HR strategies, enhance employee engagement, and lead organizational development initiatives.

Operations and Project Management

Positions: Operations Director, Project Manager, Supply Chain Manager, Quality Assurance Manager
Industries: Manufacturing, Logistics, Construction, Technology
Description: With expertise in managing operations and projects, graduates can streamline processes, oversee supply chain activities, and ensure the successful completion of projects within scope, time, and budget.

Entrepreneurship and Business Innovation

Positions: Entrepreneur, Start-up Founder, Innovation Manager, Business Consultant
Industries: Technology, Green Energy, E-Commerce, Social Enterprises
Description: Graduates with a passion for innovation can start their own ventures, drive business growth through innovative solutions, and provide consultancy services to foster entrepreneurial ecosystems.

Consulting and Advisory Services

Positions: Management Consultant, Strategy Consultant, Business Advisor, Risk Manager
Industries: Consulting Firms, Corporate Strategy Departments, Non-Profit Organizations
Description: Leveraging their strategic and analytical skills, graduates can provide expert advice to businesses, help develop strategic plans, and manage business risks.

International Business and Trade

Positions: International Business Manager, Export Manager, Trade Compliance Manager
Industries: Import/Export, Global Trade, International Corporations
Description: Graduates can navigate international markets, manage cross-border trade operations, and ensure compliance with international trade regulations.

Graduates of this program are well-prepared to excel in these roles due to the comprehensive curriculum, real-world applications, and the prestigious MBA credential from the University of Gloucestershire. Whether you aim to climb the corporate ladder, lead innovative projects, or start your own business, this program provides the skills and network necessary to succeed in today's competitive global market.

What is the duration of the combined program?
The combined program, including the LEB Professional Diploma in Business Administration and the MBA from the University of Gloucestershire, takes 12 months to complete. The PDBA spans the first 6 months, followed by the MBA, which also takes 6 months.
What are the entry requirements for the program?
For the PDBA:
  • A Bachelor’s Degree qualification in any subject from a recognised institution.
  • A professional qualification equivalent to a degree and a minimum of two years of working experience.
  • Mature and high potential candidates without degree or equivalent qualifications but holding Diplomas or Advanced Diplomas with more than six years of work experience, including at least two years at supervisory/managerial level.
  • Mature and high potential candidates without Diploma qualifications but with more than eight years of work experience, including at least three years at supervisory/managerial levels.
  • Demonstrate English Language proficiency to participate in the program taught in English.
For the MBA:
  • Completion of the PDBA or an equivalent postgraduate diploma approved by the Universityof Gloucestershire.
What is the structure of the MBA program?
  • The MBA program consists of three main components:
    1. ASS001 - Research Proposal: 1,500 words (10%)
    2. ASS002 - Dissertation: 15,000 words (80%)
    3. ASS003 - Reflective Journal: 1,500 words (10%)
How is the PDBA delivered?
  • The PDBA is conducted fully online and involves 8 hours of lectures. The program consists of eight modules, each worth 15 credits:
    1. Managing Business Strategy
    2. Financial Management<
    3. Marketing Management
    4. Managing Human Capital
    5. Business Innovation & Entrepreneurship
    6. Leading Organisation
    7. Managing Operations
    8. Project Management
    What kind of assessments are involved in the PDBA?
    • Each module in the PDBA will have only one assessment using the management report format, as follows:
      1. Business Innovation and Entrepreneurship: Business Plan
      2. Managing Business Strategy: Strategic Plan
      3. Managing Human Capital: HCM Planning Strategy
      4. Marketing Management: Marketing Strategy Plan
      5. Managing Operations: Strategic Operations Management Plan
      6. Leading Organisation: Management Report
      7. Financial Management: Financial Task Analysis
      8. Project Management: Project Plan
    What are the benefits of completing the MBA?
    • The MBA program enhances your strategic, integrated, and holistic understanding of organizations, develops leadership and management skills, and prepares you to tackle real-world business challenges. It is internationally recognized, boosting your career prospects.
    Is the PDBA program accredited?
    • Yes, the LEB Professional Diploma in Business Administration is accredited at Level 11 on the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF). This framework is used to compare the wide range of Scottish qualifications. Level 11 on the SCQF is equivalent to a master's level qualification, indicating advanced knowledge, skills, and experience. This accreditation ensures that the PDBA is recognized for its quality and rigor, providing assurance that it meets high academic and professional standards.
    How do I apply for the program?
    • ICMS is an approved centre of LEB, and applications can be made through the enquiry form that is readily available on our website.

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