In today’s education system, more importance is given to academic studies and less to skill development or extracurricular activities. The concept of education has changed drastically over time, whereby more focus is now given towards a holistic development of students and schools are equally focusing on the same to develop students as all-rounder’s. Sports play an important role in educating students to become both mentally and physically strong.

Combining sports and education helps students in the following ways:

  • develop a self-motivating spirit to do things on their own
  • take ownership of their success
  • relax from their daily routine of learning course syllabus and lessen the exam stress
  • keep the mind, body, and soul synced and maintain a balance between work and play
  • imbibe leadership skills
  • impose qualities such as tolerance, patience, and tips to handle pressure
  • teaches the value of team spirit and proficiency to share victory and defeat

One of the most important aspects required in sports is discipline, which has been derived from the word disciple – follower of a learned teacher. Having a professional coach in sports helps develop obedience, self-confidence, and the ability to determine winning or losing with extreme willpower. We also have to agree that a good academic background is an important aspect of pursuing a career in sports or as a professional athlete, as the education qualification will serve as a supporting pillar in the long run. In sports, there can be hits and misses, but a good educational backup will help maintain a good lifestyle besides continuing sports. Students are given equal importance in both education and sports to maintain a proper balance while excelling in both areas.

Thus, here at the International College of Management and Sports (ICMS), we understand the importance of producing well-balanced, all-rounded graduates. Hence, we have introduced the Student Athlete Programme (SAP) to allow a professional platform for students to pursue their dream in sports without making a choice between sports or education qualifications, as you can earn both simultaneously.


Student athletes will be pursuing their higher education at diploma level in various courses such as Diploma in Football Studies, Business Administration, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Digital Marketing, or Occupational Safety & Health, and at the same time will be actively involved in intensive sports training. This will also increase their employability rate in the future with renowned employers with continuity in sports through their participation in national-level leagues and competitions.


We are driven to be the most academically competent and passionate about our method of teaching and training our students. We aspire to provide them with exciting, world-class teaching. We are also confident that we offer the best resources and facilities to support their learning.


ICMS sets its students apart through a specialised subset of the programme featuring entrepreneurial skills. This is essential for those who look forward to setting foot in the business and operations sector of the football industry. They will be guided on financial, managerial, innovative, and technological aspects. Coupled with entrepreneurial projects, students will be able to apply their learned skills under the lecturers’ professional supervision. All students in this programme will also be entitled to join the Football Academy! Here, you will be trained by respectable football coaches who have spent their time professionally at club and country level. It is an exciting time to be a lover of football!